The Essentiality of Software Testing

The process of evaluation and verification in order to see to it that the software product or the application in question is working in the desired manner to give the required output. Prevention of the occurrence of bugs, reduction in the costs of development, and bringing about improvements in the performance of the software product or application are some of the uses or benefits of software testing. 

What is Software Testing All About?

Software testing is a crucial process. This is so because in case the software product has some kind of errors or bugs in it, then identification of the same and resolving the issues can bring situations under control before the actual launch or delivery of the software product. As otherwise, situations could worsen if the products are launched with the bugs and errors in them and that would have a negative impact over the goodwill of the company or business. Software products that have undergone the testing phase can be considered to be more reliable, secure and also deliver high performance and all this taken together results in customer satisfaction, saves time as well as cost. 

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Real-Life Instances Related to Software Testing

There are many who question the requirement of quality control while in the process of software development. The reputation of the brand is directly related with the successful performance of the software product. 

Some real-life instances can be listed down as follows which prove the fact that in the absence of software testing, things have actually worsened.

  • In the year 2015, the Royal Bank of Scotland as a result of a bug was unable to process around 600,000 payments and they had to pay a fine of 66 million pounds.
  • Nissan had to recall 1 million cars from the market owing to a defect of the software in the sensor detectors of the airbags. 
  • The launching of a military satellite worth $1.2 billion met with a  failure because of a software bug in the year 1999 and it was one of the most expensive accidents that happened in history 
  • The crashing of China Airlines Airbus A300 because of software bug killed hundreds of innocent lives

There are more incidents that have occurred in the past due to software failures or bugs in the software and that have only led to mishaps affecting mankind indirectly or directly in adverse ways. 

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Some Benefits of Software Testing

There are several benefits associated with software testing which can be listed down as follows:

  • Detection of problems before the actual launch of the software product in the market helps to save a lot of money as fixing the faults in the earlier stages costs less. 
  • Software testing helps to ensure that the software product that is delivered to the ultimate customer meets up to the required standards of quality
  • The testing of the software product serves its purpose and the result can be observed in the happy faces of the satisfied customers.
  • Software testing also ensures that the software product to be delivered is secured and is devoid of any kind of risks associated with the usage 

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The Different Types of Software Testing

There are different types of software testing. Some of them are as follows:

  • Acceptance testing: This form of testing verifies as to whether the entire system performs as per the required standard or not
  • Functional testing: This is done to ensure whether the software product performs its functions by imitating business scenarios
  • Regression Testing: This testing seeks to check whether the new features cause any kind of degradation to the functionality of the system 
  • Unit Testing: This main aim of this testing is to ensure whether each unit performs as per the expected standard. 
  • Performance Testing: This is done to check how the system delivers the performance when put under different working conditions or workloads to be precise.
  • Stress Testing: This helps to check the maximum strain that can be taken up by the system before it actually fails 

This brief study has thrown some light over the very concept of software testing, its importance, benefits and the various types of testing. If you are desirous to know more about different technology and the different courses that you take up that would give a boost to your career, then you could visit our website which is filled with blogs that will enrich your technical knowledge.  


Software testing plays a vital role in ensuring the successful working of a software product. Brand reputation is dependent upon the efficient working of the software product and in case any mishap occurs due to the presence of a bug in the software the entire goodwill of the company gets hampered.