A Promising Technology That is Revolutionising The Creation of Mobile Apps

This era is marked by technological advancements and with that comes an enormous number of opportunities for everyone. Technology has created scope with respect to career prospects and the world today seems to be dependent over mobile technology to a great extent. The demand for mobile applications and those that serve suitable purposes is on the rise. As a result, businesses are on the lookout for efficient ways to develop mobile apps that deliver smart performance. The technology of React Native seems to be serving this purpose.

The Present and The Future

React Native has begun to gain traction in the industry and this fact has been proven with big tech companies like Walmart, Facebook using this technology. The mobile app development industry has a great future ahead and React Native happens to be the very backbone of that future.

The Story Behind

React Native lets you build apps for different platforms like iOS, Android as well as web applications by making use of the same codebase everytime. Facebook had to maintain two different code bases for their app and the company also suffered from problems like duplication of work and often had to sort out the same problem in two different ways. Well, React Native came as the answer to all the mentioned problems.

React Native FutureBeing Preferred

An open source framework and also created by Facebook, React Native helps improve the performance and reduces time that is invested for development. The strategy of using a single codebase and the deployment of apps on platforms like Android and iOS is being preferred by companies as hiring two separate teams for development purposes is avoided and also some valuable time gets saved without compromising on quality.

Some Useful Facts

Here’ why you should use React Native for developing your mobile apps

  • Familiarity with JavaScript makes the process of app development with React Native much easier. 
  • React Native should be a great option if you want to build your app right from the scratch.
  • Improvements are constantly being made to ensure that technology renders efficient services related to development.
  • The hot reloading feature enables developers to work with the changes in code in real time and this leads to increased productivity with real-time feedback on changes that are made inside the code.
  • React Native receives a great deal of support from the community. Experts can seek help from experts of the community. Facebook developed it and today a large group of companies are supporting it which implies the fact it will continue to evolve in the days to come and that the process of its development shall not cease.

Great Career Option

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Having a sound knowledge in this technology could help you get high-paid jobs and that certainly would give your career a big boost.

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Final Note

React Native has a great future ahead. It would be a very good option to start off your career by learning the skills and gaining the knowledge of this technology. So get started off on your journey of building efficient software right away.