Which Language Should You Learn As A Beginner For Mobile App Development?

There is something unique about every programming language and the characteristics and features of the impact can have immense impact over the functioning of the application. The best decision revolving around choosing the best language could facilitate proper coding, and better results could be obtained as per the requirements. This article is all about the programming languages that have made their deserving and firm places in the world of mobile application development and they are Swift, Kotlin, React Native and Flutter. 

What is Swift?

Swift is the programming language that was developed by Apple for the purpose of iOS development. High-quality applications that render great performances are built using this technology and Swift is fast and has a syntax that is quite expressive. With the help of its features, Swift makes the process of development much easier. 

Why Should You Learn Swift?

Writing and reading code is simple with Swift and this made possible with the help of the user-friendly syntax. Updates are regularly provided as well as the required documentation by the community of developers associated with this technology. Swift finds use in the development of gaming applications that provide an immersive experience. Efficient business applications can be developed with the help of Swift programming language and such applications are also extremely secured ones. Applications that can be easily integrated with the hardware features of Apple can be built with the help of Swift. iOS App Course in Kolkata should be able to provide the apt training that would aid in the development of the required skills.

What is Kotlin?

Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is a modern-day programming language. It is a statically-typed programming language which is interoperable with Java. It is a language that is most preferred for the development of Android applications. The design of Kotlin is such that it helps in the avoidance of errors that are known to disrupt the coding process. Kotlin helps in the development of applications by writing codes that are quite concise and this leads to saving of a lot of time. 

Why is Kotlin Preferred for Android Development?

Kotlin comes with a whole lot of tools that help in the building of efficient code for Android applications. When compared with Java, it can be said that Kotlin is easy to learn especially for beginners and is also simple to use. Kotlin is supported by Google for the purpose of Android development and the various features ensure the reliability of the code. Android App Training in Kolkata shall help students acquire the specific skills that would help them develop Android applications in an efficient way. 

What is React Native?

Introduced by Facebook, React Native is a framework that reduces the workload on developers by allowing them to develop applications by writing the code just once and that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. React Native is used by renowned companies all over the world, for instance, Uber and Microsoft. It is a JavaScript based framework used for the purpose of mobile application development. 

How has React Native Proven Its Worth?

The fact that the code that is written just once can be used on different platforms lets users save a lot of time as well as resources. This cross-platform ability eliminates the need to have separate teams for development purposes for building applications for different platforms. Code reusability ensures that a specific portion of the code can be shared between the different platforms. Efforts are saved as the changes made to the shared portion of the code gets easily reflected in all the platforms. Hot reloading is a feature of React Native which makes the process of code development even more efficient. The great community of developers that is associated with React Native makes various information available which ensures continuous development of this framework. The best React Native Training Institute in Kolkata is the perfect place where students could upgrade their skills to become proficient mobile app developers. 

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a platform for mobile application development and it was created by Google. Developers can build cross-platform applications that can run on both iOS as well as Android devices. Flutter makes use of Dart programming language and this ensures that the process of development is much faster and also makes it easier for developers. 

Why should You Use Flutter for Application Development Purposes?

The hot reload feature makes it easier to update changes to the application and the need to restart the application does not arise. Flutter is open source. It is free as well as fast. It receives support from Google and has scope for continuous improvements. 

Choosing The Right Option for Your IT Career as A Beginner

That was something about the different technologies meant for the development of mobile applications. There are other technologies as well. However these were some of the best technologies that the world in recent time uses. So which do you think should be the ideal choice for you to be a successful developer? Each of the above technologies are associated with high-paying jobs in the IT industry. So the best decision lies in your hands. 

Final Note

Flutter, React Native, Kotlin and Swift – together they provide a great pool of technologies from which developers can select the most appropriate one to build their applications. Weavers Web Academy is a great IT Training Institute in Kolkata and it is helping students to develop the skills of mobile application development and is grooming students to become future developers who shall be ready to serve the IT industry.